Sani K valve CIP tested with Riboflavin

CIP valve

Pictured is a 100mm/4″ Gemco Sani K valve designed for USDA, FDA, 3A and EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) guidelines, eliminating threads, keyways and crevices. The split body allows the valve to be disassembled by hand, allowing quick and easy inspection and cleaning.

The internal surfaces are polished to a mirror finish with measured surfaces roughness of less than Ra 10µin (.25µm).

For the CIP test the valve internal was sprayed with solution of Riboflavin in water and inspected with a UV light source confirming full coverage by fluorescence.

sani-k clean

Then the valve was flushed with water for 60 seconds using the CIP spray ball. Afterwards no residual solution was observed under UV light.

The Sani K valve was shipped to a manufacturer of modular process systems and components for the pharmaceuticalbiotechfood, dairychemical, and biofuel industries.