Design Principles

Top 10 Features of the P21 Gemco Valve

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top ten design characteristics
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1. Full Port Opening:
Unlike a butterfly valve, the shut off disc swings completely out of the flow preventing bridging and promoting mass flow.

Solids and slurries have completely different characteristics than liquid and gases. So don’t be surprised when traditional ball, butterfly and slide gate valves give trouble in solids processing applications.

The most common problems when handling solids with these valves are:

  1. Material bridging on the center vane of the butterfly resulting in the use of vibrators, ramrods, sledgehammers and other instruments of destruction.
  2. Material jamming into the tracks of slide gate valves resulting in sealing surface abrasion with every cycle of the valve.
  3. Material packing into the tight cavities of ball valves until the valve ceases or the seat tears apart.

All Gemco valves address these crucial issues.

The P21 High Performance Valve goes even further, easily handling high-performance applications where compliance to international standards, cleanability and containment are required.