Full Port Openings

Gemco Valve’s solution for material bridging: Unlike a butterfly valve the shutoff disc swings completely out of the flow of the material preventing bridging and promoting mass flow.

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Self-cleaning Area

Gemco Valve’s solution for Material Jamming: Unlike a gatevalve, the self-cleaning action tends to wipe the material away from the sealing area instead of jamming abrasives into the sealing track.

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No Pinch Points

Gemco Valve’s solution for Material Packing: Unlike a ball valve there are no tight cavities for materials to pack and jam-up causing the seat to tear apart or the operation to cease.

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Featured Products

p21 Vlave

P21 High Performance Valve

Designed to meet tomorrow’s demanding requirements for containment of solids, powders and slurries.
t valve

T Heavy Duty Valve

Is typically used for slurries, abrasives, and heavy density materials.

TLD Lightweight Valve

Is typically used for processing light density materials such as foods and pharmaceuticals.
sani k valve

Sani K Valve

Is designed to USDA/FDA and EHEDG guidelines eliminating threads, keyways and crevices.
diverter valve

D-2 Diverter Valve 3-Way

Places the Gemco Spherical Disc Valve in a ‘Y’ junction for 3-way function.
ball segment valve

VB Ball Segment Valve

Designed for handling free-flowing powders in 25mm to 75mm sizes.

Double Dump Airlock

Gemco Airlocks are designed to control the flow of material between two atmospheres.
rigid sleeve

Flexible & Rigid Sleeves

The pneumatically operated Gemco Retractable Sleeves are designed for the dustless transfer of solids from one processor to another.

Inflatable Seal

combined with the P21 High Performance valve for bidirectional bubble-tight inflatable sealing at high temperatures even in extremely corrosive and abrasive environments.
Flush mount valve

Flush Mounted Valve

Flush mounting allows for minimizing or eliminating “dead space”

Engineered Valve

Combining our generations of experience with state of the art engineering, modeling and manufacturing Gemco Valve strives for continuous improvement.

Customer Valves

double dump
Double dump airlock consisting of two Gemco Valves with sanitary features.
flush mount gemco valve
Flush mount valve design for a major producer of food ingredients.
inflatable seal valve
P21 Gemco Inflatable Seal Valve for pharmaceutical manufacturing
metal seal
The valve also features Nitrogen purged shaft seals and out board eccentric bushing.
reactor feed
Reactor feed valves for generic drug and active pharmaceutical ingredients
The valves were flushed with water for 60 seconds using the CIP spray ball.
TLD Lightweight Valves
The TLD valve is comparatively lightweight for hopper mobility.
Food grade valve is designed for sanitary service.
tfe airlock valve
Clean In Place (CIP) for the most challenging sticky materials.
nuclear lab
Control panel with safety interlock for two Gemco Valves in an airlock arrangement
The 3”/75mm valve was shipped to Quebec, Canada for a consulting company that specializes in Agro-Food and Bio-Pharma processes.
vr valve
It is one of nine valves specially configured to be used in a ReACT™ process to control the flow of activated coke pellets used as a dry regenerable adsorbent.
Double dump
The Stainless Steel Airlock is provided with air actuators and AS-Interface (Actuator Sensor Interface, AS-i)...
k valve
A 200mm/8″ Gemco K valve designed for USDA, FDA, 3A and EHEDG guidelines, eliminating threads, keyways and crevices.
spherical disc
This with heavy duty T valve has a cast iron body with stainless segmented ball disc for full-port opening that help to prevent material hang up and bridging.
Halar lined retractable telescoping sleeve shipped to major international…
retractable sleeve
Gemco Retractable Sleeves are designed for the dustless transfer of solids from one processor to another.
A custom designed Gemco Airlock/double dump valve consisting of two DN150 valves and a 25 liter steam jacketed chamber.
t valve
A 20 inch/500 mm Gemco T Valve with double actuators to balance the torque input and three nozzles for steam cleaning.
reactor valve
12” Reactor isolation valve with gear operators for the general chemical/textile industry.