Recycling Program

Save 50% or more on the price of a new valve.

In these challenging economic times we are glad to offer smarter solutions.

If you are interested in a reconditioned valve from our stock mention it to us when discussing your application.

If you have a used valve that you wish to recycle or reuse just contact us and let us know what type and size it is. For older valves that do not have a tag or serial number a picture or rough dimension sketch is often helpful.

Once we agree the valve is worth salvaging/recycling you can send it to us for comprehensive inspection. After our expert evaluation we will provide a “best options” quote for your consideration.

recycle valve

Typical recycle options include

Replacing soft parts – gaskets, O-rings, seats etc.

Replacing damaged parts – shafts, bearings, fasteners etc.

Rebuilding and machining the shut-off disc sealing radius.

Repairing or replacing actuation package.

Upgrading key components for better performance and longer life.

The rebuilt valves are fully tested and carry standard warranty. Unusable components are recycled in an environmentally responsible manner and typically the scrap value covers any cost involved with the recycle program.

Jim Lenihan, President of Gemco Valve says, “This is a way for maintenance and plant managers to manage their budgets, improve production performance and re-use valves that otherwise might be scrapped – so we all can feel good about doing our part for the planet.”

Contact us if you’re interested in the Gemco Valve recycle program.

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