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While we strive to keep this Valve Specifier tool current, certain changes in equipment, options, or materials may occur that may not be immediately reflected here. No obligation is expressed or implied (for all parties concerned) by completing this form. Please contact Gemco Valve at +1-732 733 1143 with questions about your specific quote.
Features and Benefits P21 High Performance Valve T Heavy Duty Valve TLD Lightweight Valve Sani K Valve
Designed for 10 bar and full vacuum
Designed for 3 bar and full vacuum
Designed for 1 bar and full vacuum
Dust tight
Hi temp 200°C to 800°C
Can be configured with a solid reinforced Teflon (RPTFE) seat, metal seat or inflatable seat.
Can be engineered with flush mount pad to minimize or eliminate "dead space" cavities on mixer discharge.
Options include the full range of sanitary finishes and clean in place spray balls or nozzles.
Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel
Cast Iron
Engineered for the most demanding applications in general chemical, pharmaceutical and most solids processing industries.
Heavy duty applications including handling sand and gravels, metal powder, ceramics and other challenging bulk solids.
Light density materials such as foods and pharmaceuticals and on rotating and mobile equipment where weight is a concern.
Valve can also be completely disassembled with simple hand tools, allowing quick and easy inspection and cleaning